Author: Ayla Sadler

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How to Make Edible Cookie Dough

Most people try not to eat raw cookie dough to avoid consuming raw eggs (no thank you e.coli).  The solution? Make eggless cookie dough. This edible cookie dough recipe is gluten-free, low-carb, sugar-free, and delicious.  And when those sweets cravings come on hot, this recipe is ready in just five minutes.  This chocolate chip cookie […]


Quick and Easy Instant Pot Pot Roast

With a cooking time of slightly below an hour, this pot roast recipe supplies a no-fuss option to convey a flavorful, and nutrient-dense dish to the desk for the entire household. Using a stress cooker just like the Instant Pot, you may take the guesswork out of pot roast, so this scrumptious dish can develop […]

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Silky Keto Chocolate Cream Pie with a Cookie Crust

Jump to recipe This gluten-free keto dessert is so decadent, you won’t believe it’s keto. With a silky, chocolate filling and delicious keto cookie crust, this chocolate pie may even fool your non-keto friends. It’s not only low-carb, but it’s 100% sugar-free.  Using ingredients like stevia, coconut flour, and collagen, you’ll be satisfying your cravings […]

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Yummy Keto Bagels – Perfect Keto

Jump to recipe These perfectly chewy keto bagels aren’t just easy to make, they’re only 5 ingredients total, plus a couple of optional add-ons for flavor and nutrition. That makes then gluten-free, keto-friendly, easy, and comforting.  Because if there’s one thing you’re probably missing on your healthy keto diet, it’s comfort food. And bread. Bagels […]