Croque Monsieur – the ultimate ham & cheese sandwich!

Croque Monsieur is a scorching ham and cheese sandwich, performed the French manner! Béchamel sauce, ham, cheese and a smear of Dijon mustard, grilled till it’s oozing, this sandwich is the king of grilled cheeses!

Look away should you’re weight-reduction plan: this recipe requires not one, not two, however THREE various kinds of cheese. If we’re going to make this, let’s go all the manner and do it proper! To all the French readers on the market – let me understand how I did?? 😊

Croque Monsieur

If there may be one factor I feel you possibly can rely on with the French in relation to cooking, it’s their knack for taking issues up a notch in the grand pursuit of edible bliss. Usually – and fairly rightly! – this includes the addition of (extra) butter, (extra) cream, (extra) cheese or just (extra) flavour!

Take the humble grilled ham and cheese sandwich. While the remainder of the world will slap a bit of ham and cheese between two bits of floppy bread and name it lunch, the French are eating on THIS:

Need additional convincing? I submit the following!

  • Paris Mash – The world’s most ridiculously decadent mashed potato;

  • Potato Dauphinoise – A easy potato bake, however hit with lashings of cream and cheese!;

  • Beef Bourguignon – Arguably the king of all stews, filled with flavours of pink wine, bacon and wealthy, lip-smacking beef inventory!

  • French Onion Soup – Who else however the French would insist on standing round stirring onions at the range for an hour to extract most attainable flavour?

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OK, so I share these ideas in jest! The true origins of Croque Monsieur truly stay largely unknown. Tales vary from French staff who left their lunch bins too near a scorching radiator, to a Parisian bistro proprietor who needed to improvise when he ran out of baguettes (arduous to think about in France!)

Whether borne of an accident or the thoughts of an ingenious French chef, we are able to all agree a world with Croque Monsieur in it’s a happier place (although my butt might not agree!)

What you want for Croque Monsieur

Here’s what it’s essential to make Croque Monsieur. Yes, it’s extra than simply bread, ham and cheese – see my opening statements! 😂

1. Bechamel Sauce

For our béchamel sauce, we’d like:

  • Cream and milk – You may substitute the cream with extra milk if you’d like, however it’ll cut back the richness of the béchamel! Richness = goodness … 😂;

  • Butter and flour – The foundation for our roux, which thickens our béchamel sauce; and

  • Nutmeg and pepper – A contact of spicing for our béchamel. A touch of nutmeg enhances a béchamel superbly.

2. Croque Monsieur sandwich

And right here’s what we’d like for the remainder of our Croque Monsieur:

  • Ham – Preferably smoked (who doesn’t love smoked ham?), however any ham is nice right here.

  • Gruyere and Swiss cheese – The fundamental cheeses! Gruyere is an Alpine cheese from Switzerland. It has a pleasantly candy and nutty flavour, and melts properly, making it a super selection for a Croque Monsieur.

    “Swiss cheese” is a generic title for mass-produced cheese made in the fashion of Alpine cheeses, particularly milder emmental cheese. We use it right here because it conveniently is available in sliced type for sandwiches, and it’s additionally cheaper than the actual stuff.

    Feel free to make use of simply Swiss cheese, or simply gruyere (or different Alpine cheeses, eg. comté , emmental) – or a combination! It’s all as much as your finances, what you will have and what you want. Gruyere, Comté and Emmental are on the pricier finish right here in Australia whereas cheeses offered as “Swiss cheese” are higher worth and have glorious flavour;

  • Parmesan – Alpine cheeses are comparatively delicate, so parmesan boosts the savoury oomph and saltiness to only the place we would like it, in addition to giving the high of the Croque Monsieur a beautiful crusty golden crown;

  • Dijon mustard – Superb in any ham and cheese sandwich, and no exception right here! It brings some welcome tang and one other flavour layer to the sandwich; and

  • Butter – For pan-searing our Croque Monsieur in buttery goodness earlier than it’s completed in the oven!

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Guest publish by Nagi

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