Hollandaise Sauce (Quick, easy, foolproof)

Hollandaise Sauce is without doubt one of the nice basic sauces of the world that’s notoriously exhausting to make by hand, even for seasoned cooks. This recipe makes use of a very easy blender stick technique that takes 90 seconds flat with precisely the identical high quality!

Use for Eggs Benedict and steamed asparagus, and it’s additionally significantly spectacular with crustaceans akin to lobster, crab, prawns/shrimp and scallops.

Hollandaise Sauce

This basic sauce is considered one of the technically difficult within the French cooking repertoire. Traditionally made with only a whisk and bowl set over a double boiler, it takes a superb 10 to 15 minutes of vigorous whisking. If the warmth is simply too excessive you find yourself with scrambled eggs. Too low, then the sauce by no means thickens. If the butter cools an excessive amount of, it’ll cut up. And for those who don’t whisk vigorously sufficient, then the sauce by no means emulsifies.

Though I can perceive that there’s a sense of accomplishment making Hollandaise Sauce the standard method, advances in know-how have given us the power to make use of quicker, simpler strategies that produces outcomes with precisely the identical high quality as hand-whisked.

So whereas I’m certain that many professional cooks in all probability scoff on the considered making Hollandaise Sauce utilizing a blender – or immersion blender, as is the case with this recipe – it makes tough sauces like Hollandaise Sauce not simply accessible to bizarre people like myself, however lifeless simple and foolproof!

Immersion blender stick Hollandaise Sauce - easy way to make Hollandaise Sauce

I want utilizing a handheld blender fairly than blender jug as a result of it’s simpler to scrape out each drop of the valuable sauce!

Hollandaise Sauce being poured into bowl

Hollandaise Sauce elements

Here’s what goes in Hollandaise Sauce: egg yolks, butter, salt, lemon juice and a pinch of cayenne pepper, in order for you a contact of delicate heat.

Ingredients in Hollandaise Sauce

  • Egg yolks – from three giant eggs (and bought labelled as “large” at grocery shops), every egg weighing 55 – 60g / 2 oz. Even bigger eggs may also work simply wonderful. Smaller eggs might NOT work as a result of there’s not sufficient yolks to emulsify the butter amount. You want round 55g/1.9 ozyolks whole – for those who’re fairly in need of this, then add extra egg yolk (whisk an additional yolk to interrupt it up and pour in quantity required). The typical composition of an egg is 60% whites, 30% yolk and 10% shell – do the maths!
  • Butter OR Ghee / clarified butter – butter is the fats utilized in Hollandaise Sauce. For a extra concentrated buttery flavour, you should utilize ghee or clarified butter, for those who occur to have both available. But there’s no have to get it particularly – you’ll see within the recipe that I discard the milk solids within the melted butter.

Ghee and clarified butter are the identical factor, and in a nutshell it’s butter with the milk solids eliminated (therefore “clarified”) to go away behind pure fats with a extra intense buttery flavour that additionally has the next smoke level than un-clarified butter. It can be utilized in issues like sauces, akin to this Lemon Butter Sauce for Fish, to make Butter Popcorn with out it going soggy, and by the bucketload in Indian curries akin to everyone’s favorite Butter Chicken and Tikka Masala;

  • Lemon juice – for a contact of tang. In pure, classical Hollandaise Sauce made at wonderful eating eating places, the tang usually comes from vinegar infused in a single day with a delicate flavouring which is then diminished right down to a glaze. That’s usually not required for do-it-yourself Hollandaise Sauce – lemon does simply properly! PRO TIP: the quantity of lemon used comes down to private style, however when adjusting, keep in mind using the sauce. For Eggs Benedict, the sauce is blended up with a number of different stuff so the depth of tang is diluted, so make it a bit tangier than you need. If poured over asparagus or different non-porous issues, then make the sauce precisely as tangy as you need the top outcome to be.
  • Salt – as with the tip for lemon juice, modify the saltiness based mostly on what you’re utilizing it for. The ham, bacon or smoked salmon used for Eggs Benedict is salty, so the sauce doesn’t have to have an excessive amount of salt in it. If you’re utilizing it for plain steamed asparagus alternatively, it’s possible you’ll wish to make the sauce saltier. If you’re utilizing it for pan fried fish that’s been sprinkled with salt, then make it much less salty. And so on. Recipe as written supplies two salt portions: 1) 1/four tsp for Eggs Benedict and different “salted” meals; and a pair of) three/eight tsp for plain unsalted steamed meals; 
  • Cayenne pepper – only a pinch, for a delicate contact of warmth. You can use additionally scorching sauces in order for you – eg. a touch of tabasco. If you wish to use pepper, go for white pepper as an alternative of black so the flecks aren’t seen. Otherwise, use finely floor black pepper.
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PRO TIP: Separate fridge chilly eggs however use at room temp

It’s simpler to separate yolks from whites when eggs are fridge chilly as a result of the whites are tighter. But it’s higher to make use of yolks as soon as they’re at room temperature as a result of then they’re nearer in temperature to the new butter so:

  1. There’s much less threat of the butter solidifying when it hits ice chilly yolks – this may trigger lumps or make the sauce cut up;
  2. The nearer elements are in temperature when mixed, the higher and simpler they combine (or emulsify, on this case). Hence why cake recipes name for elements to be at room temperature; and
  3. Hollandaise is finest served heat or at room temperature, and is a ache to reheat (as a result of it’s a must to be so cautious to not cook dinner the eggs). Warmer yolks = hotter sauce.

How to make Hollandaise Sauce

And right here’s how you can make Hollandaise Sauce – the straightforward method! I want to make use of a handheld blender stick as a result of getting the sauce out of a blender is annoying, and I at all times really feel such as you lose an excessive amount of. This stuff is efficacious! 😂

How to make Hollandaise Sauce

  1. Find a tall-ish, flat-bottomed container like a jar to make sauce in – the suitable formed container right here is essential. Height – It be quick sufficient that the blender finish simply contacts the underside, with sufficient headroom for the sauce to splash round inside as you mix; Flat-bottomed – It have to be flat-bottomed so the blades can suck and mix from the underside upwards successfully. I used a 500ml glass storage jar.
  2. Separate yolks, depart to de-chill – do that first whereas the eggs are fridge chilly as a result of they’re simpler to separate. The whites of heat eggs are runnier and yolks are softer, which makes them a bit more durable to separate neatly. It’s okay to have some egg whites with the yolks, however whenever you’re making issues like Pavlova, you will need to by no means get yolks within the whites in any other case you may’t whip them up right into a stiff foam! Once you’ve the yolks in a bowl, depart them to de-chill for round 15 minutes – or 30 minutes, if it’s an icy chilly winter’s day in an heater-less kitchen! Read “PRO TIP” part above for why we do that;
  3. Melt butter, stand to separate – soften the butter till scorching, taking care to not have a butter explosion if utilizing the microwave (Tip: cowl with paper towel or tissue to lure warmth and soften extra evenly). If you employ a range, pour the butter right into a jug immediately. IMPORTANT: Butter have to be HOT, if it’s solely lukewarm, sauce won’t thicken when butter is poured into the yolks. So make sure you soften the butter simply prior to creating;
  4. Beat the yolks with salt, cayenne pepper, lemon and water – simply briefly, about 10 seconds on excessive with a handheld blender stick;
  5. Pour in butter SLOWLY over 45 seconds whereas blitzing (excessive velocity) – pouring slowly whereas mixing is essential to make sure your combination doesn’t curdle, that it emulsifies (ie yolks and butter combine collectively to grow to be a thick creamy sauce fairly than staying runny) AND that the new butter doesn’t cook dinner the yolks! The sauce will begin to thicken and look mayonnaise-like in a short time, round 5 seconds in, and you’ll know that your sauce is working. ALTERNATIVES: If you may’t handle blitzing and pouring on the identical time, use a teaspoon as an alternative however make sure you blitz whilst you spoon it in. Use a teaspoon for the primary 10 scoops, then you may velocity it up by utilizing a tablespoon. OR, use a blender and pour the butter in whereas blitzing;
  6. Add lemon and cayenne – as quickly as all of the butter is blitzed in, the Hollandaise sauce will probably be a thick mayonnaise consistency – ie spreadable, fairly than pourable – and fairly yellow. At this stage, add lemon a cayenne pepper if utilizing, and simply blitz for five seconds or till integrated. This will make the sauce a pale yellow and skinny it out;
  7. Adjust thickness – in case your sauce remains to be too thick, then add scorching faucet water 1 teaspoon at a time till it’s skinny sufficient to be drizzled. Be cautious to not make it too skinny – Hollandaise Sauce ought to utterly cowl the eggs in Eggs Benedict and never be so skinny that it turns into clear;
  8. Use instantly or preserve heat – for those who’re prepped and able to go, then use it instantly. Hollandaise Sauce needs to be served heat (it is going to be heat as quickly as you end making it) or at coolest, room temperature. Note that it thickens because it cools.
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See part beneath for how you can reheat Hollandaise Sauce.

Hollandaise Sauce being poured into bowl

How to reheat Hollandaise Sauce

Hollandaise Sauce that cools from heat to room temperature will thicken barely however nonetheless be pourable and can be utilized. Once the sauce hits a scorching poached egg say, it warms it up.

Fridge chilly Hollandaise Sauce may be very thick – it has a peanut butter consistency. You have to be extraordinarily cautious reheating it to make sure that you don’t cook dinner the eggs – even setting a bowl over one other boil with boiling water is unreliable and can make the eggs scramble as I discovered first hand!

I discover one of the simplest ways to softly reheat Hollandaise Sauce is to submerge a sealed container in a bowl of heat water no hotter than 50°C/122°F (simply very heat faucet water). Leave it for round 20 minutes, stir sauce, change the water and repeat, till it’s barely hotter than room temp and pourable.

Reheating Hollandaise Sauce

See? It’s again to freshly made perfection!

Reheated Hollandaise Sauce

What to make use of Hollandaise Sauce on

This lovely sauce is like a sublime, pourable, higher model of Mayonnaise. It’s a brunch staple for Eggs Benedict, will immediately fancy up any steamed vegetable and since Hollandaise Sauce is wealthy but delicate, it’s a superb sauce for seafood. Especially costly seafood, like lobster and scallops!

Here are some solutions:

  • Eggs Benedict – with ham, smoked salmon or bacon, that is the basic dish that most individuals related to Hollandaise Sauce;
  • Steamed Asparagus – the opposite basic technique to serve Hollandaise Sauce;
  • Fish – Use for any comparatively plainly ready fish fillets, akin to poached (salmon or trout are particularly good) or a easy pan sear like this Crispy Pan Fried Fish;
  • Lobster – boil it, drain it, then serve with this sauce. Instant fancy!
  • Crab – this can be a sauce that’s worthy of serving with candy crab meat!
  • Prawns/shrimp – Hollandaise is a spectacular dipping sauce for peeled cooked plain prawns. Or particular person servings, aka Prawn Cocktail type, however drizzled with Hollandaise Sauce as an alternative of tossed with Cocktail Sauce;
  • Poached rooster breastan ideal sauce to create a straightforward, gentle but elegant rooster dish worthy of a cocktail party;
  • Green beans, runner beans – steamed, boiled, or grilled, like asparagus are an awesome pairing;
  • Artichokes – if you may get them and put together them, recent artichokes (merely boiled, or roasted/grilled) are wickedly good mates with hollandaise; and
  • Steak – Bearnaise sauce is solely hollandaise flavoured with tarragon, and one of many absolute basic sauces for steak. While making correct Bearnaise is a bit more concerned, a easy shortcut is to simply add chopped tarragon to hollandaise. Else, plain hollandaise as-is with steak remains to be a winner!

Basically, just a little Hollandaise Sauce will fancy up something. It’s like placing in your favorite sparkly earrings whenever you’ve thrown on no matter – it’ll convey instantaneous bling to even your daggiest outfit! – Nagi x

Watch how you can make it

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Hollandaise Sauce in a bowl being scooped by spoon

Hollandaise sauce

Servingseight folks

Tap or hover to scale

Recipe video above. The simple technique to make this basic French Sauce! The finish result’s simply nearly as good as making it the basic method by hand — which takes a superb 15 minutes of whisking set over a double boiler and loads of expertise — besides it takes 90 seconds flat and it is foolproof.I want utilizing a stick blender fairly than regular blender as a result of there’s much less waste / simpler to scrape the sauce out.Use this sauce for Eggs Benedict, over aspargus, steak – it will probably fancy up something! See in publish for a listing of concepts and notes for how you can reheat leftovers simply.Makes about 1 1/four cups, sufficient for eight Eggs Benedict (ie eight particular person eggs). This sauce is wealthy, you do not want a lot per serve!


  • Place egg yolks in a tall slim container that the blender stick matches in all the best way to the bottom.

  • Add water, lemon juice, cayanne pepper and salt. Blitz briefly to mix.

  • Melt butter in a heatproof jug till scorching (be very cautious to make sure it does not explode if utilizing microwave!). If you employ a range, pour right into a jug.

  • Let butter stand for simply 15 seconds or so till the milky whites settles on the backside of the jug. (Note 2)

  • With the blender stick happening excessive, slowly pour the butter in a skinny stream into the eggs over round 45 seconds. Leave behind a lot of the milky whites within the butter – about 1 half of tbsp. (Note 2) Once all of the butter is in, the sauce needs to be thick, creamy, clean and pale yellow.

  • Now blitz for an extra 10 seconds, shifting the stick up and down.

  • Thickness: If too thick, combine in heat faucet water 1 teaspoon at a time.

  • Salt adjustment: Add a contact of additional salt if utilizing for one thing non salty like asparagus, depart salt as is that if pairing with salty meals like Eggs Benedict, steak, fish.
  • Lemon adjustment: Make it barely extra tangy that you really want if utilizing for one thing like Eggs Benedict, steak or salmon (as a result of it is diluted whenever you eat it, and in addition balances the wealthy meals). But make it completely lemony to your style if utilizing for one thing like Asparagus.
  • Using: Use instantly, or preserve heat till required – if lined and wrapped in a tea towel, it’ll keep heat for 15 minutes. Use heat or at room temperature. Use heat faucet water for loosening. See be aware for storing and reheating.

Recipe Notes:

1. Egg yolks – separate the eggs when fridge chilly, it is simpler. Use the strategy proven within the video (passing yolk forwards and backwards between damaged shell) or simply crack it into one hand and let the whites slip by way of your fingers into one other bowl.
You will want three giant eggs, bought labelled as “large eggs” at grocery shops, weighing 55 – 60g / 2 ozper egg (trade normal).
Larger eggs (eg jumbo) will work wonderful. Smaller eggs might NOT work as a result of there’s not sufficient yolks to emulsify the butter correctly. You want round 55g/1.9 ozyolks – for those who fairly in need of this, then add extra egg yolk (whisk an additional yolk and pour in quantity required). The normal weight of an egg is comprised of 60% whites, 30% yolk and 10% shell – do the maths!
2. Butter – the milky whites that settles on the backside of melted butter is the dairy element in butter, and the clear yellow fats on prime is 100% pure butter fats which is the place all of the flavour is. For the most effective flavour, depart behind a lot of the milky whites. If some will get in, it is actually no downside (the truth is many recipes simply use all of the butter).
I often depart behind round 1 to 2 tbsp butter.
For a real restaurant grade Hollandaise sauce, use ghee or clarified butter as an alternative – that is the butter minus all the milk solids, and it’ll rock your Hollandaise Sauce to the best degree!
three. Storage – leftovers may be stored in an hermetic container for as much as 2 days within the fridge. To reheat, if in case you have a brilliant hermetic container then submerge it in a bowl of very heat (however not scalding scorching) faucet water for 20 minutes. Stir, change water, repeat as needed till it is again to freshly made perfection.
If your container shouldn’t be hermetic, then switch to bowl, cowl, then use a ramekin or much like elevate it in a bowl of heat water.
If you are courageous, you may as well microwave in 10 second bursts on low – this makes me nervous, but it surely has labored.
Warm faucet water can be utilized to loosen as wanted, however use with warning (cannot undo runny Hollandaise!).
Not appropriate for freezing.
four. Recipe supply – Immersion blender technique tailored from Serious Eats however portions are my very own (their recipe is method too skinny).
5. Nutrition per serving, assuming eight servings (there’s sufficient sauce to coat eight eggs for Eggs Benedict). Makes round 1 1/four cups straight out of the blender (it is barely aerated).

Nutrition Information:

Calories: 179cal (9%)Carbohydrates: 1gProtein: 1g (2%)Fat: 20g (31%)Saturated Fat: 12g (75%)Cholesterol: 120mg (40%)Sodium: 79mg (three%)Potassium: 13mgSugar: 1g (1%)Vitamin A: 667IU (13%)Vitamin C: 1mg (1%)Calcium: 14mg (1%)Iron: 1mg (6%)

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