My Best Air Fryer Steak Recipe

Have you heard that almost all universities permit air fryers in dormitories ???

I’d have loved it in my dormitory since a lot of the meals in the cafeteria made me sick. Buying an air fryer and a few groceries can save a ton, not solely in cash, but additionally in well being!

I like how easy it is to wash my air fryer and how briskly it makes scrumptious dishes like this deep-fried steak recipe!

Think about it, you can do your studying while the air fryer prepares you a scrumptious steak of fries with wholesome air!

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I believe it is nice that each evening I simply look in my freezer and pull one thing out of my Butcherbox order and I will eat in a couple of minutes! I usually draw steaks; I generally get Butcherbox ribeye steak, New York steak, steak and salmon simply to see the varieties of flavors and all of us share them! My daughter, Miriam, prefers salmon over steak and with my air fryer, even if you are in a hurry using a cookbook you can make a quick dinner in a wide variety of dishes!

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Enjoy My Special Air Fryer Steak!!!


1 (6 ounce) ¾ inch thick New York strip steak
Melted lard or tallow (I used Fat Works model)
Fine grain sea salt



Remove steak from the fridge. Brush all sides with melted lard and season effectively on all sides with salt. Allow to come back to room temperature for 15 minutes.
Place within the air fryer and prepare dinner at 410 levels F for 10-15 minutes or till cooked to your required doneness. (see chart beneath)
Remove from air fryer and permit to relaxation for 10 minutes earlier than devouring!



Cooking Temperature Chart
125°F Rare
135°F Medium Rare
145°F Medium
155°F Medium Well
165°F Well Done


Nutritional Information:

406 energy, 31g fats, 32g protein, 0g carbs, 0g fibre.


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