Smoothie Formula for the Perfect Blend

Best smoothie formula

If you’re trying for the good mix in each smoothie you make, then I’ve bought the no-fail smoothie system for you. Seriously, that is the technique that began my smoothie journey, and it could assist yours too. I’m additionally throwing in some smoothie ideas for some all too widespread mixing errors… See if any of those might help you obtain the good mix!

How to make the good mix

For a 2 serving smoothie, I exploit the 2-2-Three technique for mixing. That means 2 cups of leafy greens, 2 cups of liquid, and three cups of fruit. You can combine + match your leafy greens inside these 2 cups in addition to use a wide range of fruits to give you Three cups.

For instance, the #1 price greatest smoothie ever makes use of 2 cups of spinach, 2 cups of water, and three cups of fruit (a mixture of pineapple, mango, banana) for a 2 serving smoothie.

If you’re simply making 1 serving of smoothie, then half the smoothie system: to 1 + 1 + 1.5.

How to mix a smoothie

Once you’ve collect and measured your components, it’s time to mix! First, add the leafy greens then liquid to your blender. Blend till there are not any leafy chunks. Depending in your blender, this would possibly take 10 seconds or 60.

Then add the remaining components and mix once more till easy. If you need that refreshing smoothie to be chilly, ensure at the very least 1 of your fruit components is frozen.

I typically increase my smoothies with plant primarily based protein powder or superfoods to present my physique the most advantages I can.

Pro smoothie tip: by including protein + wholesome fats to your smoothie, you may keep full longer + not get a sugar crash from the pure fruit sugar.

Perfect formula for blending


What components to purchase for smoothies?

Leafy greens like spinach or kale, fruit like pineapple, mango, banana, and berries. If you desire a liquid base aside from water, then purchase (or make) dairy free milk like almond milk or oat milk.

Are smoothies higher with milk or water?

Both! It relies on the smoothie, actually. I like to make use of water (or coconut water) when mixing tropical fruits, and milk when including components like cacao, dates, cinnamon, or cauliflower.

How do you make a smoothie step-by-step?

The best smoothie system is that this: mix liquid + leafy greens first, till there are not any chunks. Add remaining components to blender and mix once more till easy. If you desire a chilly smoothie, ensure so as to add at the very least 1 frozen fruit.

Top 5 mixing errors

So, you obtain your components, dusted off the blender, and but your smoothie nonetheless isn’t good…. what went mistaken?! I requested the Simple Green Smoothies neighborhood for their most typical mixing errors, they usually offered some nice ones! Here are the high errors in addition to methods to repair them:

Common blending mistakes

Blending Mistake #1- including too many frozen components

In virtually each inexperienced smoothie recipe I share, I counsel so as to add at the very least 1 frozen fruit (or ice cubes) in order that smoothie comes out chilled and refreshing. Yet what occurs when all the fruit is frozen, and the blender simply can’t lower by means of the frost? The best resolution: ensure the smoothie has a mixture of frozen and contemporary fruits/veggies. If that isn’t an possibility (yay for prepped forward smoothie components!), then I’ve nonetheless bought you coated:

  • Let the frozen components thaw in the fridge in a single day, so they’re nonetheless chilly, but thawed sufficient to mix extra simply. 
  • Or, place frozen components in the blender, then pour the liquid over them and let the components sit whilst you prepare for the day. The liquid can thaw the frozen components out a bit earlier than mixing, so the blender isn’t working fairly so laborious.
smoothie tips for the perfect blend

Blending mistake #2- not including sufficient liquid

We’ve all been there and heard that noise. You know, the one the place the components are all added, the blender turned on, the blender blades begin out advantageous. Then, all the sudden, a high-pitched whine begins together with an more and more louder motor.

Depending on the blender, it could like a automotive engine caught in a low gear (lookin’ at you, Vitamix). Most possible, there wasn’t sufficient liquid added at the begin, and the components at the moment are in an unmoving blob. Never worry, a easy smoothie tip is right here!

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Adding a bit extra liquid can get that blender on the transfer once more.

Some superfoods like to soak up the liquid (like chia seeds). Adding gluten-free oats (for some further protein) may also absorb the liquid. Using frozen fruits can take away some liquid. Start by including in 1/Four cup of additional liquid (above my smoothie system) at a time, then perhaps use a spatula to interrupt up the components earlier than beginning the blender once more.

smoothie formula + smoothie tips

Blending mistake #Three- not mixing greens + liquid first

Depending on the form of blender getting used; dumping components into the blender then mixing, can go away leafy chunks… and inexperienced stuff between our tooth all day.

Blending the leafy greens and liquid first till there are not any seen chunks is an easy solution to keep away from a blemished smile, and hold the smoothie easy. Every blender is totally different, so if this hasn’t occur to you then skip to the subsequent smoothie tip and #kaleyeah!

Blending green smoothies

Blending mistake #Four- Using the similar greens daily

Ever really feel caught in a leafy inexperienced rut? It might not simply be affecting the tastebuds. Even good meals will be consumed too typically. I like to recommend altering up these leafy greens (whereas nonetheless utilizing my smoothie system for measurements) not simply so as to add in some new flavors to these smoothies, but in addition to get totally different well being advantages.

Leafy greens are available all shapes, sizes, and well being advantages. While kale and spinach are each leafy and inexperienced, they’re truly in 2 totally different plant households, and carry totally different vitamins that our our bodies want. Make positive to choose greens from a special household each few weeks.

Green smoothies are extremely customizable, so be happy to swap out the leafy inexperienced listed in any smoothie recipe with one other one.

How to blend the perfect smoothie

Blending mistake #5- not mixing lengthy sufficient

In mixing mistake #Four, I talked about ensuring these leafy greens have been completely blended to have a chunk-free smoothie. Yet, general mixing time also needs to be lengthy sufficient to make sure the complete smoothie can match by means of a straw.

I don’t need any chunks cramping my sippin’ type! Even with a excessive powered blender, mix that inexperienced smoothie for over a minute to make sure each final ingredient breaks down easily. Smoothie tip: For a non excessive powered blender, give the blender contents a stir half manner by means of mixing (with the blender off, in fact!). That manner no components stick underneath the blades. This further step, in addition to following the smoothie system above, will guarantee a easy drink each time.

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Still can’t drink that smoothie?

Followed the fixes above, but that smoothie nonetheless isn’t drinkable? Check out these honorable mentions under for slightly further assist (thanks rawkstar neighborhood!):

  • Freezing fruits that act as a part of the liquid: If fruits with the next water content material are added, then I decrease the quantity of liquid in the recipe since these fruits act as liquid + fiber. Freezing these fruits, then including much less liquid to mix may cause issue in mixing since the ratio is off. Make positive so as to add slightly further liquid if utilizing frozen ‘liquid fruits,’ or use contemporary, to allow them to act as the liquid wanted to mix the good drink. 
  • Adding the ‘kitchen sink’: This is a typical mistake for newbie and veteran rawkstars. #greensmoothiefails One purpose I selected the identify SIMPLE Green Smoothies, is to remind us that conserving it easy virtually all the time wins. Limit the superfood additions to 1 or two choices, and concentrate on fruits that flatter one another. Follow the 1-1-1.5 technique when making a brand new creation for the absolute best end result.
  • Leaving in the fridge for too lengthy: Ever mix an excessive amount of smoothie, or mix the go away for slightly later? While a inexperienced smoothie is greatest consumed inside 15 minutes of mixing, it’s completely advantageous to eat 24 hours later (after giving it an excellent shake!). The drawback comes when that smoothie sits in the fridge greater than 24 hours… it begins to interrupt down a bit extra, and change into undrinkable. Don’t waste all these vitamins by forgetting to drink that scrumptious smoothie! 

Have another smoothie tricks to share? Drop a remark under to show or to be taught. Every smoothie ought to be made + consumed with as little frustration as potential. As all the time, glad mixing! 

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