Vietnamese Chicken Pho soup (Pho Ga)

Chicken Pho (Pho Ga) – the little sister of well-known Beef Pho, equally scrumptious however a lot simpler to make! I name it the Vietnamese model of home made rooster noodle soup produced from scratch. Except – dare I say it – a lot extra thrilling!

Ready to take a digital journey to Saigon??

Chicken Pho soup

Chicken Pho – known as Pho Ga in Vietnamese – is the rooster model of Beef Pho, Vietnam’s most well-known meals export.

The magic of Pho is that whereas the broth appears to be like fully unassuming, it’s really filled with complex-yet-delicate spice infused flavours. That particular something-something that makes it unforgettable, and also you simply can’t cease consuming it.

If you’re a Pho fan, you’ll love this rooster model as a result of it’s simpler to make than Beef Pho – no must search out particular bones, simply use rooster items!

This magical Pho soup broth is made the normal Vietnamese approach, utilizing rooster items and infused with spices. Using retailer purchased inventory simply isn’t the identical!

Close up of spoon scooping up broth of Chicken Pho

Chicken Pho Soup broth

We’re making this Chicken Pho from scratch as we speak – no dishonest with retailer purchased broth! 

Here’s what you want:

Chicken Pho broth ingredients

  • Chicken – I exploit rooster thighs for comfort (simpler than man dealing with a complete rooster) however you should utilize a complete rooster too. Do not sub with breast – we have to use darkish meat right here, and we want pores and skin to maximise flavour into the broth!
  • Leftover rooster – We use some rooster to prime the soup, however you should have leftovers – and will probably be infused with beautiful flavour! See backside of put up for issues to make use of it for;
  • Spices – cloves, fennel, star anise, coriander (recent and seeds) and cinnamon – infuse the broth with the distinct Pho perfume that you realize and love so effectively!
  • Onion and garlic – these are broth aromatics which can be charred first so as to add a touch of smokiness to the broth. A standard and necessary inclusion!
  • Fish sauce – this offers extra complexity and depth of flavour than soy sauce, in addition to salt within the broth;
  • Sugar – Pho broth is definitely a bit candy. Most individuals don’t realise it as a result of it’s refined! But it’s there – and in case you don’t use sufficient sugar, you’ll discover one thing missing within the broth;
Desperately want a speedy model??

I get it! I’ve been there…. so I’ve popped a shortcut model beginning with retailer purchased rooster inventory within the recipe notes.

Chicken Pho Toppings

Pho is a dish that’s the sum of its elements. It wouldn’t be Pho in case you didn’t have the toppings – particularly recent herbs, a signature of Vietnamese meals!

Ingredients in Chicken Pho - Vietnamese chicken noodle soup

What is Thai Basil?

Thai Basil is the Asian model of normal Italian basil. It has the same flavour with the addition of a refined aniseed flavour. Though known as Thai Basil, it’s used throughout South East Asia. It’s utilized in widespread dishes akin to Pad Kee Mao (Thai Drunken Noodles), Thai Red Curry and Thai Basil Chicken.

Sold at massive grocery shops in Australia, however  regular basil might be substituted in a pinch so don’t stress in case you can’t discover it!

Can’t get all of the herbs?

Don’t fear in case you don’t have ALL the herbs. At least 2 of three, and you continue to have a close to genuine expertise. If you’ll be able to solely get one, make it coriander!

How to make Chicken Pho from scratch

Here’s how you can make it. Little greater than a plonk-and-simmer job!

How to make Chicken Pho - Vietnamese chicken noodle soup

Essentially, there’s three steps:

  1. Char onion and ginger – this offers a refined smokey perfume to the broth that may be a signature function of Pho. So char them effectively!
  2. Simmer every little thing gently for 1.5 hrs to infuse the water with all these unbelievable broth flavourings; and
  3. Strain, shred rooster, serve with Toppings!

See how clear the soup broth is? Beautiful! (And if solely you may scent it…. these spices! It’s intoxicating!)

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Chicken Pho broth

Chicken Pho making suggestions

I actually wasn’t exaggerating after I stated that Chicken Pho is simple. So I don’t even have many tricks to share! But listed here are just a few:

  1. Char effectively – Burn that onion and ginger effectively! Burn, child, burn – you need that flavour in your broth!
  2. Do not use an enamel forged iron pot – the charring could require you to wash the bottom, and in case you scrub an enamel pot, the enamel will come off and the pot will begin rusting;
  3. BIG POT is crucial – 6 litres/quarts is good. If yours is a bit smaller, that’s okay, you’ll be able to maintain again among the water and add it because the rooster shrinks / liquid evaporates (water reduces by 25%). Also, water degree might be very near the highest as a result of we simmer very gently, so spillage threat could be very low;
  4. Simmer GENTLY – that is the important thing to a transparent broth;
  5. Broth barely on the salty aspect – the saltiness of the broth dilutes barely when you ladle it over the noodles (that are cooked individually as an alternative of within the broth). Beansprouts are additionally a watery vegetable. The mixture of each of those signifies that if the broth tastes excellent when it’s on the range, then it would appear a bit of below seasoned as soon as served with the noodles and so on. So if it appears a bit too salty when the broth is within the pot, then will probably be excellent as soon as served! I’ve been very particular with my fish sauce and salt measurements on this recipe; and
  6. Prepare noodles JUST earlier than serving – so they’re scorching and recent, and in addition so that they don’t break (rice noodles are usually susceptible to breaking if left sitting out for ages).

Close up of Chicken Pho noodles

How to eat Pho the normal Vietnamese approach!

Really, there’s no guidelines. But in case you’d wish to eat Pho like a professional (learn: conventional Vietnamese approach), right here’s the way it goes down:

  • Arrival – The bowl involves you with noodles, rooster, broth and scattered with inexperienced onions;
  • Take a small sip of the broth by itself, simply so you’ll be able to admire its pure, unadulterated perfection;
  • Help your self to herbs, beansprouts, squeeze of lime, recent chilli slices. You can add extra beansprouts and herbs later as you progress by the bowl;
  • Dollop hoisin and sriracha onto the MEAT (and/or beansprouts).The sauces will not be supposed to flavour the broth, they’re for the meat. In reality, you’ll discover some Vietnamese Pho stalls present little aspect dishes to place the sauces in so you’ll be able to dunk the meat in. This makes the flavour fairly full-on, so I favor the choice of dolloping instantly into the bowl – higher sauce dispersion. Also, it actually is completely superb for some sauce to finish up within the broth. Just don’t intentionally squirt instantly into the broth and vigorously combine it in (Pho stall house owners would look on with horror and be completely insulted in case you did that!!😂)
  • Inhale – Lean over the bowl and inhale the unbelievable scent with all these recent herbs (I’m not kidding!!);
  • Swish your chopsticks within the broth the place you intend to assault first, to combine up the lime juice. Don’t intentionally push the rooster with the Hoisin on it into the broth – it’s superb if it occurs naturally, however don’t taint the broth intentionally;
  • The excellent chunk – use your chopsticks to select up some noodles with rooster, beansprouts and herbs. Devour, then comply with with a slurp of soup utilizing the spoon; and
  • Repeat, till noodles are completed. Then choose up the bowl and drink each final drop of that stunning broth!

Bowl of Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup - Pho Go

More Vietnamese recipes

That was much more writing than I anticipated….. I hope I didn’t put you off, considering that it’s a very difficult recipe as a result of it’s NOT! It does take time, but it surely’s actually only a plonk-and-simmer job.

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And it’s actually simpler than Beef Pho which requires searching down particular kinds of really useful beef bones.

I actually hope you might be impressed to do that Chicken Pho, it’s actually unbelievable! – Nagi x

Watch how you can make it


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Chicken Pho - Vietnamese noodle soup

Vietnamese Chicken Pho soup (Pho Ga)

Servingsfour – 6 individuals

Tap or hover to scale

Recipe video above. Chicken Pho (Pho Ga) – the little sister of well-known Beef Pho, equally scrumptious however a lot simpler to make! I name it the Vietnamese model of home made rooster noodle soup produced from scratch. Except – dare I say it – a lot extra thrilling!You will not use all of the rooster, but it surely’s infused with beautiful flavour so there’s a great deal of makes use of – see Note 7.


Charred aromatics:

  • 1 tbsp oil , vegetable or canola (or different plain oil)
  • 2 onions , halved (pores and skin on superb)
  • 5cm/ 2″ piece of ginger , sliced zero.75cm / 1/three” thick (unpeeled)

Pho Soup Broth:

  • 2 litres / 2 quarts water
  • 1.5 kg / three lb rooster thighs, bone in pores and skin on (Note 1)
  • 1 small bunch coriander/cilantro (Note 2)
  • 5 star anise pods (was brief in picture & video!)
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • four cloves
  • 2 tsp fennel seeds
  • 2 tsp coriander seeds
  • eight tsp fish sauce
  • 6 tsp white sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt

Noodle Bowls:

  • 360g / 13 oz dried rice noodles , skinny flat (or 600g recent)
  • 2 inexperienced onions stems , finely sliced

Toppings – assist your self

  • three cups bean sprouts (Note three)
  • 1 small bunch EACH Thai Basil, min, coriander/cilantro (Note four)
  • 2 limes , minimize into four wedges
  • Hoisin sauce
  • Sriracha
  • Red chillies , finely sliced (elective)



  • Char onion & ginger – Heat oil in a 6 litre / 6 quart pot (Note 5) over excessive warmth. Place ginger and onion facedown, depart undisturbed for two minutes till they blacken. Turn and depart for an additional 2 minutes.

  • Put every little thing in pot – Add water and remaining Broth elements EXCEPT salt. Bring it a simmer, then decrease warmth so it is simmering VERY gently with the lid on, however open a crack (Note 6).

  • Simmer gently 1.5 hours. Scoop off scum (soiled foam) that rises to floor a couple of times throughout the simmering.

  • Strain & measure – Remove rooster, then pressure broth right into a clear pot – you must have 1.5 litres / 1.5 quarts. If you may have extra, simmer to cut back. If much less, prime it up with water.

  • Salt broth – Add salt, carry broth to a mild simmer. Broth ought to be barely on the salty aspect – it dilutes once you add the noodles.

  • Keep broth heat till able to serve

  • Shred rooster meat, discard bones and pores and skin. (Note 6 Leftover Chicken concepts)


  • Place Toppings out on the desk.

  • Reheat rooster (can briefly dunk in broth!).

  • Prepare noodles per packet instructions, simply previous to serving. Drain very effectively (extra water dilutes broth).

  • Place noodle in bowls. Top with rooster, ladle over 375ml / 1.5 cups broth. Sprinkle with inexperienced onion.

  • Pile on Toppings of alternative, add a squeeze of lime into the broth. Consume instantly!

Recipe Notes:

1. Chicken – or a complete rooster. Don’t cut back rooster weight, you’ll lack flavour in broth. If you are brief, throw in a wing or drumstick and so on to make up the load.
Can’t shortcut this with breast or boneless thigh – want to make use of pores and skin on rooster with bone in so it might probably face up to the prepare dinner time, and in addition darkish meat imparts far more flavour into broth.
2. Coriander/cilantro – small bunch amount: in case you bundled all of it up, it ought to roughly equal 1 1/2 cups. Around 5cm/2″ diameter around base, 20cm/8″ tall (you’ll be able to chop most leaves off to make use of for topping, and use stems plus some leaves for broth)
three. Bean sprouts – are usually a bit floppy and smelly from non Asian shops. To perk them up, put in container, cowl in water, refrigerate 12 hours. Drain, let dry then use per recipe. If you modify water each day, beansprouts will maintain for per week utilizing this storage technique.
four. Herbs – these three herbs are a traditional mixture for pho. If you may have 2 of three, it is nonetheless going to look like an genuine consuming expertise. If I actually needed to solely choose one, I might select both coriander or Thai Basil. Thai Basil might be substituted with regular basil (however not if it is the one herb you are utilizing).
5. Pot – do not use a forged iron pot as the bottom can be charred and chances are you’ll want to wash. Pot ought to be at the least 6 litres/quarts massive. If it is smaller, you’ll be able to maintain again some water and add it because the rooster shrinks/water evaporates (been there, finished that!)
6. Clear broth – mild simmer and scooping off scum is the trail to a beautiful clear broth!
7. Leftover rooster – you will not even use half the rooster for the Pho. Chicken properly infused with Asian flavours, so use it for issues like: fried rice, Chinese Chicken Salad, Vietnamese Noodle Salad, Peanut Noodle Salad, Chinese Corn Soup, or toss it right into a Chicken Stir Fry or Stir Fried Noodles.
eight. QUICK Pho utilizing retailer purchased rooster inventory – comply with recipe however make following adjustments:

  • Do not use thighs, use 500g/1lb rooster breast as an alternative
  • Use 6 cups low sodium rooster inventory + 1 cup water (as an alternative of simply water)
  • Reduce fish sauce to three tsp, use NO salt
  • Char onion & garlic per recipe
  • Put all spices, inventory and water in pot with breast. Simmer 10 min till breast cooked, take away and shred
  • Simmer remaining liquid for 30 min with lid open ajar, cut back to 1.5L/1.5Qt. Strain, proceed with recipe (besides NO additional salt in broth).

9. Servings – it will make four beneficiant dimension servings (1.5 cups broth per particular person, makes a dinner dimension serving for an individual with an excellent urge for food), 5 wise servings, or 6 lighter servings (good for a light-weight lunch).
10. Storage – make the broth and freeze for three months, or refrigerate as much as 5 days. Reheat till piping scorching. Do not be tempted to scoop off rooster fats that companies up in fridge – it is important for flavour in broth and mouthfeel!
All toppings and noodles have to be made recent.
11. Nutrition is per serving, assuming four beneficiant servings. I’ve needed to make an informed estimate of the energy from the rooster, noting that whereas we extract the flavour and among the fats into the broth, many of the rooster recipe is just not used within the recipe.

Nutrition Information:

Calories: 501kcal (25%)Carbohydrates: 87g (29%)Protein: 20g (40%)Fat: eightg (12%)Saturated Fat: 1g (6%)Cholesterol: 71mg (24%)Sodium: 1486mg (65%)Potassium: 352mg (10%)Fiber: fourg (17%)Sugar: 9g (10%)Vitamin A: 18IUVitamin C: 7mg (eight%)Calcium: 73mg (7%)Iron: 2mg (11%)

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